Sexual harassment at the workplace: Are you empowering your employees to exercise their rights?

A survey by the Indian National Bar Association found that 38% of both male and female workplace said, they have faced harassment at their workplace.

In another survey conducted by EY,

  • 44% of the respondents' organizations didn't display the penal consequences of sexual harassment at conspicuous places.
  • 40% of the respondents are yet to train their ICC members, despite the Act specifically mandating this.
  • 35% of the respondents were unaware of the penal clause for noncompliance with laws relating to how ICCs should be constituted.
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Fears, embarrassment, and unawareness are just some of the reasons cited for not reporting to the management. But more than that, a large number of organizations still lack sufficient training and execution mandated by the Act. Sexual harassment at work not only affects a person physically but baffles with their mental health to the extent of severe depression and anxiety attacks. Victims of harassment at workplace face muddles like job loss, decreased morale and sometimes such unfortunate happenings even result in irreplaceable damage in their personal relationships.

Is your workplace safe enough for your employees? Is your organization taking cognizance of the Act and motivating the committee to take the requisite steps? Is the training complete and sufficient?

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