Does your MBA in USA or any other foreign degree get you a job?

mba in usa - study abroad

If we look at the number of study visa applications for US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France or any other country, they have always been on the rise and study abroad is always something that a student aspires in order to get the best education.

Having said that, it's not always possible for every student to pursue Fashion Design degree course in France or get enrolled in one of the best hotel management colleges in Switzerland. But for those who can make it to the best engineering universities in US or some of the top business schools in UK, there are several aspects involved in the dcolleges making process with the biggest question being about the return on investment in terms of helping you secure a well paying job.

According to some of the employers, they are more likely to give preference to a candidate who has studied abroad. Here are some the reasons:

Studying abroad means adjusting to a whole new world. The culture, customs, traditions, way of life - everything is different. Surviving and more so thriving in such circumstances is very stressful. If a person has completed their studies abroad, he likely to be looked at as a person who can fight the odds and stand the test of time.

Quality of Education:
As highlighted earlier, the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore was the only Indian Institute among the top 100 in the recently declared Times Higher Education (THE) rankings of universities across the world. Countries like USA, China, Russia, United Kingdom, Australia had several universities listed. If you're pursuing an MBA in USA, provided its from one of the best management colleges, you're likely to get hired without much ado. Same is the effect of a petrochemical engineering degree from Russian Universities or any other courses from any reputed university abroad.

Wider Perspective:
Foreign education enables the student to look at situations from a global perspective. The time spent with people from different parts of the world helps you to think out of the box as it widens your perspective.

Personality Development:
A disciplined environment of the most reputed colleges sharpens your rough edges and helps you evolve improve your persona.

While it's eventually your skills & knowledge that can get you a job or a bright future however a foreign degree from a reputed college shall definitely act as a catalyst.

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