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GRE exam - GRE - Graduate Record Examination - Study Abroad Entrance Test

Studying abroad means having to go through different tests that will help you to secure admission in the international universities and business schools. One such test is GRE known as Graduate Record Examination, that is a standardized for most schools in United States. Graduate Record Examination test examines you on your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and critical thinking skills you have acquired, which are not related to any specific field of study. It gives you the chance to explore your horizon, takes you out of your comfort zone by increasing the difficulty level in every stage. GRE is your gateway to study MBA in UK, US & several other countries
Although the GRE is not the only entrance test to study abroad however it is one of the most widely accepted test for students looking to pursue thier Master's degree from any university abroad.
The structure of GRE has been segregated into 3 sections as under:
Section 1 - Analytical Writing
Section 2 - Verbal Section
Section 3 - Quantitative Reasoning
Important Details:
Eligibility: Graduates wanting to pursue masters or specialized courses.
Pattern: Computer-based (Paper-based in select areas where computer-based tests are unavailable)
Important Dates – GRE (Computer-based tests) are offered round the year at Prometric Test Centers across India & at several non-prometric centers from November through February every year based on the seats availability.
The centers & dates can be viewed here
Test Preparations: The sample questions & responses along with the expert opinion can be studied here
Administrator – GRE is created & supervised by Educational Testing Service, a non -profit educational testing & assessment organization.

The main advantages of the GRE are:
  • Your scores are valid upto 5 years after the testing year, giving you the preference to use and reuse the scores in future.
  • It also has a select score option wherein you have to decide which test scores you wish to send to your desired institution. This feature thus gives you more confidence and power while you appear for the test.
  • GRE is offered in 700 centers in more than 160 countries.
While this was the structure and validity of the test, it also takes some preparations before you apply for the test. Here are a few quick tips:
  • Quantitative Reason will be testing your math skills, so make sure to revisit your knowledge of algebra and geometry. Practice problem solving by setting up time limits.
  • When it comes to verbal section, understand the dictionary definitions before memorizing them, learn new words or synonyms to express yourself in a better way.
  • It is a computer based test, hence you have the freedom to decide which questions you want to answer first. Make sure you evaluate each answer choice independently and accurately.
  • Remember, the syllabus and pattern of the GRE test depends on the candidate as GRE has subject tests and general tests. So the candidate has to choose between the two depending on the institution and the course he/she is willing to apply.
So overall, considering that foreign universities look to determine the studies knowledge, reasoning & analytical thinking, GRE is a test that will bring out your innate abilities while you solve the different sections one by one. Over the time span GRE has been revised and enhanced in design so as to test you according to the skills needed in the graduate and business programmes. The added feature of select scores helps you to choose your best and then you have 5 years to decide how you wish to use those scores. Thus GRE is designed to test your skillfulness and realistic approach to different issues.
The updated list of Institutions & Fellowship sponsors approved to receive GRE Scores can be viewed here
We hope that this article will be of help to you & will help you accelerate your pace in Study Abroad preparations.
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