If you love to roam, you should explore the travel and tourism management course!

travel & tourism management course - tourism management course

Planning your career in travel and tourism will help you connect to the various parts of the society and the globe. Tourism courses are an added advantage for the students as they help you to acquire the best knowledge and polish the skills you already possess. Lot of colleges have come up with short term and long term tourism courses to make a student job ready in his specializing field. It is flourishing industry and has vast employment opportunities.
Scope of doing a Travel & Tourism Management Course:
Travel and Tourism Management Course enables you to choose from a range of options that it offers. A career in travel and tourism management can be profitable in the long run, as with the growing amount of business wanting to have their base in different parts of the world people are constantly travelling and wanting the best travel deals.
Types of Courses: 
Bachelor in Tourism Studies
Master of Tourism Administration
Master in Travel Administration
M.B.A. in Tourism Management
PG Diploma in Travel and Tourism
Diploma in Tourism and Tourism Management
Diploma in Airline, Travel and Tourism
These courses are designed according to the need of the candidate looking to pursue a travel and tourism management course.
Travel & Tourism Management Course Details: 
As tourism study has gained importance with the growing economical aspects, coursework of the different curriculum makes sure on covering the below mentioned aspects:
  • Principles of Travel and Tourism
  • Hospitality Management
  • International Tourism
  • Financial Issues in Tourism
  • Tourism Planning
  • Cruise Ship Industry
  • Modern Tourism
  • Tourism Operations
There are several travel and tourism management colleges in Mumbai however following are the best institutes in the country:
1. Institute of Tourism Studies, Lucknow
2. Department of Tourism Studies, Banglore
3. Department of Tourism Hospitality of Heritage Studies, Delhi
4. Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management (IITM), Goa
5. School of Tourism Studies, Kottayam
Entrance Exam:
Jamia Millia Islamia University, a public center university in Delhi conducts an entrance for undergraduate students during June who are wanting to apply for Bachelor Courses.
Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management (IITM) conducts All India Entrance Test for students wanting to pursue a masters or post-graduate degree in the tourism field.
There are other tests that are taken by institutes themselves thus you need to look up on which test does your desired institute accept.
Job Roles:
With institutions offering some best hands-on knowledge about the field and the departments, some colleges also offer placement opportunities. Travel and Tourism Management Course lets you explore the following: 
  • Travel Agencies
  • Holiday Consultants
  • Tour Operators
  • Tourist Guides
  • Tourism Expert
With the growth in tourist traffic, travel related jobs are increasing. To step into the industry, you should be aware of the meticulous details and have the basic knowledge of general management skills. Make sure you love interacting and dealing with people as it will be the very important skill to climb up the success ladder. Tourism has become an inspiring industry and loads of developments are taking place, thus letting new opportunities for business and employment emerge. If you have a charming personality and passion to explore places across the globe, career options in travel and tourism industry are enormous.
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