Private Engineering Colleges in Madhya Pradesh to launch a portal along in partnership with CII

One of the major hubs for engineering colleges is Madhya Pradesh as it churns out thousand of engineering graduates every year & most of these students are from private colleges. However, despite such a big pool of talent, the students from private engineering colleges in Madhya Pradesh have found it difficult to get internship opportunities for themselves.
To bridge this issue, the Association of Technical & Professional Institutes (ATPI) & Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) have come together to launch a portal which will help over 300 colleges connect with the industries in the state. 
Over a 1000 industries are supposed to be added to the portal & hence it will provide a big window of opportunity for students who have are pursuing/completed their engineering in Madhya Pradesh & have been venturing outside the state & even the country to seek good opportunities.
News Source: Times of India
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