Universities in California: We are not blacklisted. All Rumors false.

The Government of India is said to have raised the issue of 19 students not being allowed to board the San Francisco bound flight. It is said that these students were going to study in US however Air India did not allow the students as they received a notification from US Customs & Border Protection Agency which claimed the 2 Universities in California were under scrutiny.
The universities in question, Northwestern Polytechnic University & Silicon Valley University were supposedly blocked the US Government and hence the Customer & Border Protection Agency the students who came to US earlier were also deported.
After India’s External Affairs Ministers said that they have escalated matter to US State Department. Both the universities, in their defense, stated that they are legitimate & not blacklisted. The Silicon Valley University claimed that the university is not being targeted and the students are safe to study in US.
News Source: Times of India
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