B.M. Ruia Girl's College

B.M. Ruia Girl's College

Phone: +91 22 2380 8130
Address: 11, Krishna Kunj, Vachha Gandhi Road, Gamdevi, Mumbai- 400 007 INDIA
Website: http://www.bmrgirlscollege.com

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n 1958, the College started pre-university and first year classes on experimental basis. Impressed by the proficiency and dedication of the Sammelan, Smt. Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Women's University granted affiliation to pre-university classes in 1960. Thereafter, F.Y.B.A and S.Y.B.A classes were affiliated in the year 1961 & 62 respectively. In the year 1963 College received a generous donation of Rs 75,000 from Smt. Bhagirathibai Manmal Ruia Trust. As a reciprocating gesture to this goodwill the college was named after the founder of the trust as ??mt. Bhagirathibai Manmal Ruia College

Empowerment and Enlightenment of women by envisaging their aspirations in the light of wisdom,
Empowerment of women through academic excellence, promotion of the national language Hindi, cultural awareness and contribution towards nation building.
Objectives of the College:

General: -
(a) To assist each student in developing intellectually thereby making them self-dependent through academic, co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

(b) To motivate towards successful and bright future by making them self-confident.

(c) To inculcate basic ethical and moral values in student community for their perfect personality development.

(d) To encourage students to imbibe traditional moral values based on Indian culture and heritage.

(e) To inculcate sense of service before self and sense of social and national awareness among students.

(f) To create among students sense of sincerity, devotion. truth and honesty towards the nation..

(g) To develop a sense of generosity, broad mindedness, selflessness among students and encourage them to lay foundation of healthy and well- civilized family and society.


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