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Does an institution of Higher Education play a role in nation-building? This is something we at St. Xavier?? College ask ourselves. In the last year there were many voices that whispered an answer. Early in the last academic year, the NAAC accredited us with an A grade and a 3.63 grade point average out of a maximum of 4. The UGC built on this and declared St. Xavier?? as a College of Excellence from 1st April 2014 for a 5 year term ??one of only 10 colleges in the country to be granted this status. St. Xavier?? received during this year, a large DST FIST grant and the DBT Star College Award ??acknowledgement of the capacity to bring quality to science teaching and research. The ASSOCHAM conferred on us the Education Excellence Award 2014 in the category of Best Institution Serving A Social Cause. The Magazines ??ndia Today??and ??he Week??in their June 2014 issues featured St. Xavier?? among the 5 best colleges in the country. Our Registrar, Mr. Maurice Monis was awarded the Best Non-Teaching Staff of Affiliated Colleges award by the University of Mumbai on Republic Day 2014. Two of our Alumni, Dr. Milind Kirtane and Ms Vidya Balan received the Padma Awards this year for excellence in their fields. We held Graduation Ceremonies for almost the 1000 graduates of our Autonomous College, with Mr. Louis Miranda, Dr. Anil Kakodkar and Mr. Adi Godrej gracing the occasions. All this is rich tribute to our efforts at nation building.

Education is a matter of developing the whole human person, in order to contribute to the quality of life of the millions in our country and across the globe ??forming, as the Jesuits like to say, ??en and women for others?? St. Xavier?? does this through encouraging critical thinking and debate in the classroom and beyond. This culture of debate on campus is increasingly inter-disciplinary - involving the critical issues of our times, increasingly global ??with eminent visiting speakers from all over the world and increasingly project-based or research-oriented to encourage innovation and creativity. Mention must be made of the International Conference on ??hemistry ??Green, Nano and Beyond??and an International Seminar on Hindi Literature. Malhar, our Inter-Collegiate Cultural Festival has institutionalised a day for the ??alhar Conclave?? inviting eminent speakers to interact with student participants in Malhar on a variety of topics, with the hope of it leading to action to better our world. Last year the Keynote Speaker was the eminent historian Ramachandra Guha, following up on keynote speakers of the eminence of Dr. Abdul Kalam and the Dalai Lama in previous years. On the theme of the Indian Elections, several panel discussions were held with invited speakers and among students and faculty members themselves, to reflect on and debate the issues facing the nation. The culture of critical reflection and debate is crucial to our idea of good education, avoiding superficiality and mere rote learning.

St. Xavier?? College recognizes that education is a collaborative venture and must be pursued in conjunction with other groups and organizations and prominent among them are our alumni who have made contributions to nation-building in diverse fields. We acknowledge the support of many, especially in the St. Xavier?? Advisory Board, who lend us support and help us to form a vision for the College in the years ahead. One such support has been offered by the Tata Trusts, following up on the fact that both Sir Dorabjee Tata and Sir Ratan Tata are among our most distinguished alumni of more than a century ago. The Tata Trusts are in the process of giving us resources to restore our heritage buildings and to preserve our precious educational resources like the Heras Institute, with its Library and Museum, and the Blatter Herbarium, with its Library and invaluable plant material. This upgradation of educational resources will allow our faculty to achieve the best international standards of education which we are confident they are capable of.

St. Xavier?? acknowledges the role our present students have played in building up our tradition of excellence, with a vibrant Students??Council and an Extra-Curricular Committee, backed by Faculty Advisors. Numerous student organizations, many connected with the Departments, organise events which gain the wider participation of students drawn from the whole college and add to the life on campus. The Council of International Programmes, the Social Involvement Programme and the Placement Committee of the College have earned their permanent status as crucial elements of the Xavier?? tradition.

With such foundations, we look forward to marching towards the 150th year of the College, with a confidence that St. Xavier?? is doing its bit to build a strong and vibrant nation, with justice for all, a high quality of life for the majority and a plural, inclusive and democratic tradition.

St. Xavier?? College is proud to announce that it has begun as an Autonomous College under the University of Mumbai from the academic year 2010-11. Xavier?? applied for Academic Autonomy in October 2007. It was granted permission for this, after due process, by the University of Mumbai, in March 2009 and by the Government of Maharashtra in August 2009. Finally after a review committee from the University Grants Commission visited the College in early April 2010, the application for Autonomy was considered by the Commission at its meeting on the 4th of May 2010.

The UGC permission for Autonomous status was received in early June and the University of Mumbai subsequently notified the College as Autonomous for 5 years, beginning from the academic year 2010-11.

Academic Autonomy places trust in the Faculty of St. Xavier?? College to take up the responsibility of designing its own courses, framing its own syllabi and conducting its own evaluation for its students. This is a system of academic freedom mandated by the UGC and implemented in other Universities of the country for about 30 years. St. Xavier?? is grateful for the opportunity of implementing Autonomy, as it will help the College to upgrade the quality of its education, in keeping with the capability of its competent and dedicated faculty and the excellent students it draws from all over the country.
Academic Autonomy does not involve Financial Autonomy and the fee structure will be in accordance with that of the University of Mumbai, which will award the Degree to our students. St. Xavier?? College has prepared intensively for Autonomy over the last 3 years, working out its Credit System, Semester System and its System of Continuous Internal Evaluation, with Faculty visits to other Autonomous Colleges in Chennai and Bangalore, with Faculty Seminars and Workshops and with training in different methods of evaluation. The faculty also draws on its long experience of innovation in educational pedagogy practiced through its Honours Programme and other initiatives.

The College is confident that it will succeed in meeting the aspiration of its students and of Indian society, in bringing international quality Higher Education to its beautiful heritage campus. The first batch of students under the autonomous system have graduated in June 2013 and have given us a good feedback.

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