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About Us

Let me tell you the fact....

Couple of incidents have led the foundation of MG AGRO VENTURES and thus the brand “thefamilyfresh.com”

Incident ONE :

For almost 4 days I had been in vegetable market i.e Mandi just to experience the facts of trade. too much hectic, too much noise and too much vast...

But certainly one thing which attracted my attention is hard work of farmers who brought their fresh produce in the market at early morning to sell. Many of them were from small villages with small piece of land. They were sweating and tired in breathless crowd at Mandi. Waiting for the auction and got the produce sold. After auction they got a sheet of paper with handwritten amount for their produce sold. Again waiting started to get the payment disbursed and finally after long time they got relived with payment.

Next day, at home with hot cup of tea, I happened to see newspaper flashed news of suicide of farmer due to inadequate fund for his daughters marriage and further I could not have tea.

We eat vegetables and fruits with comfort and even we buy them at convenient places. the farmers who keep us healthy throughout entire lifetime is always behind the scene. who also not getting bit of credit. He gets money in market but he needs something more than money....that is certainly... Empathy, Dignity and Caring Concern.

Incident TWO :

My lovely daughter at her age of 3rd had been diagnosed with deficiency of nutritional values in her body and that became serious concern for entire family, beside my father was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for 14 years. All these health problems have their roots at improper diet.

We as consumer in our rapid race of life, put our diet for granted. We loose our health while earning money and we loose our money to earn our health. That's Fact...

MG Agro Ventures through its Brand Name "thefamilyfresh.com” with ultimate purpose to empower life of farmers by ensuring values for their produce by connecting to end consumers and to serve our consumers with ultimate set of healthy solutions designed by reputed dieticians and nutritionist around us as recommended products and services.

Selling with counselling.

Thanks for being part of  and making us proud to have YOU with us.