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Sudhir Shenoy
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Sudhir Shenoy
CEO, Dow India

Considering India’s key challenges as a fast-developing economy today, the chemical industry is undeniably a key enabler. Yet, in terms of perception, we lag behind – to change this, I believe we need 1) awareness and action from the entire value chain - toll manufacturers, distributors, brand owners, government agencies and finally, the consumers as well; 2) the industry collectively needs to be more cognizant about investing in sustainable innovations; and lastly 3) focus on ‘Zero Defect, Zero Effect’. Simple steps such as reduction of discharges and waste from every stage of operations can have a far-reaching impact.

Through innovation and collaboration, we can facilitate the world’s transition to a Circular Economy where waste is designed into new products and services. Wherever we are in the value chain, let us commit ourselves to choose quality and sustainability – no compromises – and see how chemistry transforms the world we see today.

I'll leave you with a little chemistry joke, which is more pertinent now than ever - if you're not a part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate J.

Hope you enjoy reading this edition and wish you a happy festive season and a luminous 2016!

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