Welcome Avid Traveller


I have started this weblog simply to help other like minded travellers. I will update the site pages with my views about tourist destinations, accommodations, guest houses, food preferences, good food joints, bad hotel and good hotels, travel options, what to avoid and what is a must see places.

Obviously these are my views but in general all my friends, colleagues and relatives have been happy following them and it has helped many a traveller i met during my journeys.

Let us know some glorious history of the country.

India, fortunate to have a multi-cultural history, is a travelers haven. The beauty lies in the diversity and such diversity all in one place gives it its uniqueness. There are nearly 1600 languages spoken in India. Languages can be related to cultures and India with its richness in its culture has a lot to offer to the people traveling to India. Also the national language is Hindi but the secondary language spoken is English.Given the vast geographical diversity, India is a major hub for travelers eager to learn something new on every visit.

I have divided traveling in India into four broad categories : EAST, WEST, NORTH & SOUTH travelling destinations.

A little description about the regional diversities will give you a good start. For the complete description feel free to browse the sections.

I write whenever I can so sometimes i may be writing many pages and sometimes i would simply be off on a break from writing. in case when you need any information on a urgent basis and you feel that i can help (and this will purely be based on my writings on this website) then you can drop a comment or fill in a contact form and i will try my best to revert to you. and in case i am unable to revert for 3 days you may seek other options as in such a case i would not have access to the internet.