Providing women with knowledge and tools for success in the competitive real life business world

Enquire for the Fast track Women Entrepreneurship Program

If you are a woman who is working on a great business idea, then we can guide you to implement & grow your own venture with a customised 3 month fast track course developed to help you succeed in business.

Why a entrepreneurship course for women?

Women across India are making great strides professionally. Corporate India abounds with stories of women who are becoming sources of inspiration for many.

The confidence among women to make it successful in business is on the rise. Many women are now keen to take the plunge into the world of entrepreneurs and chart their own success stories.

This is where we come in with expertise in training entrepreneurs to start, grow and succeed in their business ventures.


This three month program helps you build a fast growing, scalable businesses that will attract investors; through a structured part time training program. You will also get mentoring sessions with the experts/faculty, access to useful networks and opportunities to pitch for equity or debt funding.


This specialised 3 month fast-track course for women entrepreneurs entails a futuristic curriculum, interactive learning methods and a faculty of exemplary entrepreneurs to enable today's women to build, grow and nurture a 21st century business enterprise.

The curriculum for the 'Fast Track Women Entrepreneur Program' is a balanced mix of practical know-how and hands-on interactive learning of over 64 hours for aspiring women entrepreneurs. The curriculum encompasses area such as understanding a business model, presentation and marketing skills, sales and distribution strategy, use of digital, mobile and internet technology, customer retention, fund-raising, solving tangible business problems, work-life balance, strategic visioning, implementation among other key areas of creating a business.


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