How to prepare for a job at an Ad Agency

The Advertising World is full of challenges, glamour, deadlines, and interesting projects. A job in an ad agency is one that drives you, drains you, makes you smarter and at the same time drives you at your wit’s end. It is amongst the most coveted jobs; an exciting career that will never show you a dull moment, be rest assured. Are you up for it? But have you prepared for it? Well here are some tips to secure a job at an Advertising Agency. read more

Nielsen Online: The Emergence of Social Media and Online Research

With the rapid internet and smartphone penetration in India, the online platform is the next undiscovered space and is also at a very nascent stage. Recently, the Marketing Research students were exposed to the various facets of the digisphere by Jaideep Singh Juneja, Manager at Nielsen Online. The session also included a run through Social Media Research, which was taken up by Vinod Venugopal, who happens to be a Northpoint alumni. read more

Industry Visit To Star CJ

This is the story of the MarComm , MR batch 2014-15 industry visit to Star CJ productions.

At Northpoint, with all the pressure of assignments and presentations, students are quite used to sleeping late. But getting up early? That’s a bit of a problem.

But this time due to certain constraints of the industry visit, everyone had to get up early; very early. On 16th February 2015, we had to leave campus by 8 am for an industrial visit to Star CJ Productions at Grant Road, Mumbai. Surprisingly, everyone did get up on time! read more

Northpoint Staff Day – We Cook, We Serve

Northpoint, Khandala: Oil sizzled, onions were diced furiously and halwa stirred vigorously on the day that the students decided to invade and conquer the kitchens of Northpoint. February 15th 2015 was a special day, orchestrated by the Kartavya Council at Northpoint and christened as “Staff Day”. A day where students would cook and serve the staff at Northpoint.

The staff at Northpoint are the backbone of the campus. Without hesitation, petulance or second thought, they carry out various operations on campus and ensure that the students, guests and faculty are made comfortable. Their efficiency is such that it often goes unnoticed or unappreciated. But not on this day. read more

Career opportunities in the new world.

Marketing has always been recognized as an important business activity. It is as old as business itself though its shape and form has grown. From the simple act of selling something on offer, to increasingly sophisticated methods of reaching a customer with the objective of selling, the very meaning of Marketing has, and continues to, evolve at a faster pace than ever before.

This change is a function of, and dictated by, leaps in technology and its tendency to equalize among players in the market, competition as it becomes increasingly fierce, and the restlessness that essentially stems from unprecedented ambition. read more