Education First

Create school environment conductive in promoting joy through learning.projects are designed to implement innovation at scale.The motto of the project's are to think differently and address the challenges in the schools and the education system.

Climate First

Improver water availability,quality and accessibility thereby making villages a hub for sufficient food production and eco-friendly spaces.Bringing about attitudinal changes,perspective shift and organizational culture transformation

Livelihood First

Empower farmers to practice economically viable and environmentally sustainable agriculture.The objective is to work with farmers in a region which is crop centric with a focus on scientific and technology oriented solutions to augment family income.

Entrepreneurship First

Understand practitioner's perspectives on social impact,scale and sustainability to provide insights for better solutions for inclusive social progress.By studying existing models on social impact,emerging models and frameworks to measure impact on scale and quality and to explore the relevance adn feasibility of these models in the indian context.