INNOVATION Why is it important to keep climbing mountains in life?

  • Sound Principles

    FOR MUCH OF LAST YEAR, I was addicted to Serial, a block- buster podcast based on a real-life murder mystery, by American journalist Sarah Koenig. Koenig?? voice has an honest, likeable quality that draws you in (and pushes you to binge-listen). I was one of Serial?? 80 million downloaders. Vineet Nayar, former CEO of HCL, was another.

  • Disruptive Innovation Key to...World Leaders

    Management experts Vineet Nayar and Gary Hamel believe companies must take the 10x leap by raising their aspirations and capabilities

  • Managing 3 Types of Bad Bosses

    On a chilly Paris morning some years ago, I was talking to a group of young managers about building high-performance teams


Life after HCL has given me more time to listen to many aspiring, ambitious minds who feel trapped in a situation in the wrong job, with a wrong company a wrong boss

Vineet Nayar | Jun 29 ,2016

INNOVATION "Take India to $10 trillion: India Inc must establish a cadre of companies that are the world's most innovative"

The economic progress of any nation is closely entwined with the aspirations and capabilities of its corporate sector. That's why the success of India is inseparable from the success of India Inc. Economic juggernauts like the US and Germany

Vineet Nayar | Jun 27 ,2016

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